Nuts and Bolts Figurines
Handmade - copper with nuts and bolts!
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Accordion Figure Bass Drum Figure Basson stick figure Baton Stick Figure Bells Player Figurine
Chello Player Figure Color Guard Sword Figure Conga Player Figure Rock Guitar Player and Amp Trumpet Player Figure
Cymbal Crash Player Drumset Player Flute and Music Stand Clarinet and Music Stand French Horn Player
Color Guard Flag Holder Harp Player Teacher Figurine Piano Figurine Saxaphone Player
Oboe Player Figure Saxaphone Player Little Drummer Boy Figure Standing Flute Player Standing Saxaphone Player
Standing Sax Player Jazz Trumpter Stand Timpani, steel drum player Tom Tom Player Figurine Trombone Player
color Guard Rifle Figurine Standing Mellophone Tuba Nuts and Bolts Figurine Violin Player Figure